Art Mastery with ita-art

Ita nail is a specialized Japanese hand painted art which uses the nail bed as a canvas. Designs popularly include manga and anime characters, movie star face or pet. Because this intricate art is painted directly to the nails, it redefines the meaning of "living art".

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History of Ita Nails

How an art form came to be

ITA-art's roots trace back to Akihabara, the manga and anime mecca of Japan. Fans of all ages enjoy this intricate art combined with a stylish and pop flare that can only be expressed by a rare breed of nail artists.

A detailed and delicate art form with leading artists

LUXITA’s ita-nail artists are among the founders of ITA-art, and the delicate skill is recognized by nail fans world-wide. LUXITA offers both pre-set design, as well as customized options for ITA-art. Experience art work that is making nail history.


Bring art life on your fingertips with ITA nails. A one of a kind Japan experience at CHI Spa.

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